Looking for a blog writer?

Blog writing is an effective way to boost your website ranking and drive more email enquiries for your business. In fact, OptInMonster found businesses who blog get twice as much email traffic than businesses who don’t.

Blog posts are at the heart of content marketing strategies. Whether you’re aiming to drive more traffic to your site, position yourself as a thought leader in your space, add value for customers or simply improve your website’s visibility, blog writing is an ideal strategy.

If it’s in-depth long-form blogs of 2,000+ words or shorter pieces to fit your business’ strategy, I can help. I’ve been writing companies’ and charities’ blogs for over a decade.

I’ll help build a content strategy, create a calendar of topics with suggested distribution and stats to track, start work with a brief headline and fill in the details with research, or work with your company’s professionals to turn their thoughts into engaging pieces for your customers.


Each project is different, but all blogging clients can expect to receive a well researched, SEO optimised blog post with:

  • Three optimised SEO blog title options
  • An attractive meta description that entices clicks
  • Two relevant and reputable outbound links within the piece
  • One internal link to a relevant page of your website
  • Basic keyword research for SEO
  • Proofed and edited draft
  • Up to two revisions of the work
  • One relevant royalty-free image to accompany the writing with keyword-optimised alt text

As all projects are different, it is difficult to give a general cost for writing articles and blogs – it depends on the amount of research needed, how tight the turn-around is and how much time is spent liaising with your or your staff. However, as a rule of thumb, a 1,500-word blog costs somewhere between £150-£200.

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