Freelance writing services

Whether it’s blog writing, website content or copy for a brochure, you want words that make you stand out, help you get found and have customers picking up the phone.

People don’t buy things because of fantastic features. They buy benefits. They buy things that affirm the image they hold of themselves. And they buy it from the companies that make them feel heard, understood, and valued.

That’s what I help you with.

Let’s tell your story in a way that compels customers to choose you — and recommend you to their friends too.

Freelance copywriters charge in multiple ways – per project, hour or word. I usually work with simple project fees which are best for clear plans. When work is less easy to define or ongoing, sometimes an hourly rate makes more sense. ProCopywriter share the average cost of working with a freelance writer in the UK on their blog.

Grow your business with better copy and SEO content

Business blogs attract your ideal customers

Getting found on the web relies on lots of different things. Site speed, mobile-friendliness and more. Your content is one of the big ones. Regularly publishing new, relevant and search engine optimised (SEO) content attracts your ideal customers.

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Need better website copy?

Your website copy needs to do a few things in one go — attract your ideal customers, hold their attention and convince them you’re the answer they’ve been searching for. I can do all of that for you.

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SEO Strategies and Content Plans

Do you write blogs that never get found? A well researched SEO strategy and content plan will show you what to write about, which words to use, and how to use them. Whether you want DIY SEO blogs or have someone write them for you, a great plan you can rely on is the best place to start.

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Want a freelance writer to do it?

Whether you’re a small or large business owner, a website developer, or a marketing team manager who needs an extra pair of hands, I’d be happy to help you with SEO copy and content that helps your ideal customer find you fast. Whether you’re looking for a blog writer, someone to write your website copy or help with other marketing assets that win customers, you’re in the right place!

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