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For more than a decade, I’ve been crafting digital content – and printable business-related copy – for clients around the world. In some cases, I work with digital agencies who need content writing support for their teams to meet increased blogging and other digital content demands. In others, I complement website developers’ work, delivering the SEO optimised content their clients need for the beautiful websites they build.

Why choose me as your content writer?

Writing that builds audiences, sells, engages, excites curiosity and elicits commitment is always in demand. My reliable and flexible service comes with original ideas, and I ensure you get skilled, well-crafted copy that appeals to the right audience.

I’ve held a ‘Top-Rated’ freelancer status with Upwork – the world’s largest marketplace for independent talent for years. I know my way around some of the most popular website CMSs – WordPress and Wix – as well as some bespoke systems like Raising IT – built exclusively for UK charitable organisations. I’m confident delivering drafts direct to client’s websites.

I have a firm grasp of SEO best practice and keep abreast of the latest digital and content marketing methods. I add value to my clients’ projects and can enhance the service you offer your clients.

Hiring a freelance writer is a great way to meet spikes in demand or supplement the service you already offer your customers.

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